Grace Kim

I learned at an early age that the old adage “life is short” wasn’t just a saying - it was real life. Rather than letting life's challenges get the best of me, I focused on being grateful for all the positive things and living each day to the fullest. I try to be intentional in my every day by loving the person in front of me as best as I can by caring for them in both big ways and small - doing something nice for a loved one just because, complimenting a barista, setting my phone aside when sharing a meal with a friend to give them my undivided attention, donating money to a cause close to my heart, and so on. Every single day is a gift, and it’s up to each of us to make the most of the present.

Hun Kim

We are often paralyzed by the road in front of us, but until you place one foot forward to start the exploration, you'll miss out on the joy, excitement and passion you may find from connecting with your soul and with others. Over a decade ago, I left a comfortable corporate job to start my own photography business with my wife. It was a scary decision, but one I have never regretted to this day since it allowed me to explore my passion for photography and meet great people along the way. Every day ask yourself, "Am I living life to the fullest?" If you find yourself hesitating, start with small steps towards making changes. Those small steps may eventually turn into a sprint that will help you go forth and conquer your world.