Love was in the air, as well as the aroma of something delicious slowly simmering on the stove, at our recent Fall In Love: Cook & Dine Collective. We dressed up the table with richly colored florals, lit long black taper candles, and brought out our best china as we invited couples to enjoy a romantic evening of cooking, dining, and celebrating love. Our hope was to create an experience where couples could reconnect and spend quality time together without worrying about emails, corralling the kids into bed, or other distractions.

And you know what they say, the best way to the heart is through the stomach! Fortunately we had the guidance of Ashley Rodriguez, author of popular food blog, Not Without Salt and cookbook, Date Night In, in which she encourages couples to carve out time for date nights at home to enjoy food and conversation together and rekindle the romance in your relationships. Ashley demonstrated how to cook a mouth-watering feast that included a hearty Flemish beef stew, Belgian frites, bitter greens with mustard vinaigrette, and fluffy yeasted waffles with ice cream and hot fudge. Along the way, she shared stories about the inspirations for her recipes and simple cooking tips and tricks, like which way to slice an onion so it stays intact during cooking.

We designed part of the experience for each guest to write a special message to their significant other to be shared later on, thanks to the lovely cards provided by our friends at SPRUCE stationery & design. Some tears may have been shed during the writing process (oh, those onions!). :.)

After dinner, Ashley chatted with the couples as she personally signed a copy of her book for each them to take home and hopefully inspire many future date nights.

“It was a beautiful and wonderful meal,” said John Jung, who attended the Collective with his wife, Jessica. “We met great people at the event and the instructor, food, setting, activities, and prizes were all great. We really enjoyed it!”

Another attendee shared, “The location was stunning (felt special and unique) and the ambiance intimate but elegant. Loved it! I appreciated the casual tone of the cooking class, as I felt like I could participate or not depending on how energetic I felt. Really appreciated the extra treats and a simple activity of writing my spouse a love letter. A fun activity but not so much that it felt like “work.”



A heartfelt thank you to our lovely couples who joined us and to our generous friends and sponsors who made this beautiful evening possible!

CJP&COFran’s Chocolates
Monica Kim (aprons)
SPRUCE stationery & design
The 5 Love Languages
Veda Sonexaysana (hand lettering)


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Words by Veda Sonexaysana / Photography by GH Kim Photography / Videography by Moses Lee

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